We’re taking damage. It’s not easy to admit it but Nominex is in trouble. We’re taking huge losses. Have you seen “The Big Short”? The situation is like the banking crisis of 2008, but much, much worse. And we need your help. 

What’s going on? 

On April the 21st we’ve launched the second phase of our token distribution. You can find multiple articles about that here and here (and pretty much everywhere), so hopefully, you’re aware of what’s going on. Just to recap, here are the mechanics of token distribution: 

20% of tokens left after the first phase of the DCO (which lasted 60 days and served to warm up the traders) will be distributed among traders according to their volume. Didn’t seem like a large amount at the time, but, having looked at the data, we figured out our profit margins weren’t exactly where we intended. 

So basically here’s how it works 

During the first phase, a certain share of tokens goes to traders (and Josh’s mum for those cherry and honey pies but that’s another story). During the 2nd phase, which will go on for 300 days now, the remaining NMX tokens will be divided into two piles. 80% is for sale and 20% is distributed among traders according to their level of activity. 

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This new model allows us to make sure the tokens are being actively used so that everyone gets the most profit. By the way, at the end of the period, they will be trading at the exchange at a much higher price. 


In the first phase, 74 375 tokens were sold.

We have a total of 100,000,000.

So the second phase is now happening.

99,925,625 tokens – this is what goes into the second phase and will be distributed and sold until the end of the distribution – that is, 305 days.


20% of this amount forms a pool for traders. 80% form a pool for sale (only for token buyers).

We consider 20 per cent of 99.925 million.

That’s pretty much 19,985,125.


The pool for traders will be distributed among Nominex traders during the 2nd phase (next 305 days).

The number of NMX tokens in the daily pool is always the same.

So these 19,985,125 should be divided by 305

That will be 65,525 per day for distribution. At the current rate that’s about $50,000 (and $80,000 eventually, in less than a year). 

Now, that’s not a bad chance, if only 10 traders take part on the 1st day, for them to get an equivalent $5,000 each. And since we don’t have a fuelled plane ready to go (thanks for the memories), and Nominex is going to be around hopefully until the end of time, in a year we will issue a token to exchanges – and it will cost 1.3 USDT apiece. 

Then these guys (gals? Neutrois? For those of you folks who are gender-neutral – good on you! Go rainbows!) will earn very good money. Now, generosity always pays back, so why not just be kind and try to make the world a better place?

Getting hurt 

The shot came out of nowhere. Just like the protagonists of The Big Short, we realized with dismay that there’s something wicked afoot here.

We launched the distribution on June 22nd.

40 days have passed since then.

Every day we distributed 65,525 NMX tokens.

This is $50,000 per day (so, 40 days = $2,000,000)

The 104 of traders participated on the first day and around 150 traders participate every day now.

Now imagine how rich these people got!

Now, for us leaking gold coins is no big deal. Life isn’t all about money, and we’re making enough (we sink). But there is a serious problem here. 

People are getting filthy, unthinkably rich using our platform. And they’re using the referral program, too, which allows earning up to $50,000 through unlimited levels. And they’re getting bonuses too! The nerve!

Now, let us tell you this in confidence. Just a lean a little closer so they won’t hear. We secretly like you better. And we think that if anyone should be getting this much money, it should be you. 

We have a feeling they’re just going to spend it on girls and alcohol, and we have a great feeling about you. Like you’re going to shoot your legendary movie or start a charity or raise happy, beautiful children or something. No, seriously. 

So before too many people get this, just really quickly go ahead and get in. We promise it’s not going to stay a secret for long.