South Korean University Sets Up a Blockchain and AI Campus
Image Credit: Pixabay
  • In a bid to train the future talent force in blockchain and AI, a South Korean university is set to inaugurate an entire campus focusing on teaching modern technologies. 
  • The Suseong University will start the curriculum sometime next year.
  • The South Korean government continues to support the blockchain industry and encourages citizens to get trained in the sector.

As technologies such as big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence and cloud computing takes over most businesses, it’s becoming increasingly valuable to be trained and gain experience in the subject. Coupled with the current health crisis of Coronavirus, the need for a greater adoption of technology has risen. 

Realizing the importance of training more personnel in blockchain and other modern technologies, a university in Daegu, South Korea called Suseong University, announced that it has now entered into an agreement with the Korean Artificial Intelligence Association for the creation of a campus focusing on blockchain and AI.

Reported by the local news media, the University said it will start accepting applications for students as early as 2021.

The University further said that this move saw many other blockchain companies based in the region to come forward and offer work experience programmes to students on campus. “In accordance with the agreement, the two organizations promised to create a hub for ABC industry-university cooperation and cultivate professional manpower,” it said. The firm’s employees will teach new subjects and train the potential students on the application of the technologies. 

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Furthermore, the university aims to provide “user-friendly practices” which would allow consistency “between university education and academic administration,” and in cooperation with experts in every field. 

Commenting on the new move, director of the University’s Planning and Coordination Department Kim Kun-woo said that given how the world is “changing” rapidly, blockchain and AI have the potential to change businesses and economies as we know it. He further added that while the world was already treading towards a technology-driven era, the global crisis COVID-19 has catalyzed the revolution

South Korea boosts blockchain sector

The South Korean government has maintained a positive stance in the development of the blockchain industry.

In April this year, Deputy Minister of Strategy and Finance, Koo Yun-cheol, praised the blockchain market deeming it as a “golden opportunity” for South Korea and called on the entire private sector companies to leverage this potential.

Additionally, two South Korean ministries were vocal about their support for this new technology sector and announced a funding of $ 3.2m to encourage local startups to use blockchain in their operations.

However, the country wasn’t always this positive towards the technology. In 2018 the country’s authorities warned people against digital currencies. In fact, the country’s justice minister even said a bill would be prepared to ban all cryptocurrency trading in South Korea

While the country has come a long way and finally embraced blockchain, it would be interesting to see how it pans out in the future.