Smile Holdings Co. Ltd., which entered the Internet industry in 2004 and has operated several websites, including shopping mall sites, with the concept of making the Internet more accessible. The founder, CEO Tatsuo Kanai, positioned it as “the culmination of the Internet business so far,” and started the “RELEASE” project in the spring of 2018.  

The company launched social media RELEASE in May 2018. With the concept of “news site made by everyone“, the number of users is increasing with a novel idea of uploading familiar information as news articles. The “RELEASE Project” improved this RELEASE and built a platform that combines three cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, big data, and artificial intelligence (AI). The purpose is to provide “next-generation social commerce” by integrating social media (SNS) and e-commerce (shopping) functions and issuing unique crypto assets (cryptocurrencies). 

Listed on two overseas Cryptocurrency exchanges

An important role in this next-generation social commerce is the proprietary cryptocurrency Release Coin (REL token). In the new life RELEASE, when users post high-quality and valuable information or evaluate reliable information, both will be given a time-limited point (REL). Users can use the accumulated REL to purchase services, skills, products, etc. on the platform. 

In August 2018, Release Co., Ltd. was established in Taiwan. The private sale has already ended, and REL token has been listed on two foreign cryptocurrency exchanges. It has been listed on the UK-based HotBit in February last year and P2P B2B in Switzerland in March. With this listing, REL trades on HotBit with ETH (Ethereum) and P2P B2B trades on ETH (Ethereum), BTC (bitcoin), and the US dollar. In addition, as cashless payments have spread worldwide, the company plans to partner with leading global point issuers to exchange RELs for other points. 

Kanai Tatsuo, CEO RELEASE

E-commerce focuses on agriculture and fishing

On the other hand, the newly developed RELEASE, which has been developing the platform mainly by the development team in India, launched a shopping site (flea market) service in August last year. CEO Tatsuo Kanai says,

The world’s first site that links shopping to SNS. In the e-commerce field, Especially focusing on agriculture and fisheries, we have set up a system that allows sellers to set prices on the spot for fresh vegetables, fruits, and seafood and provide them promptly to general users, and through REL, I want to bring about a change in logistics.   

The new RELEASE currently supports 26 languages, including the test stage. With the rapid expansion of users mainly in Bangladesh and Indonesia, as well as in South and Southeast Asia, Kanai says,

RELEASE is a 100-year project. We want to expand our product categories and functions and expand our business globally.” I’m trying to open a big door. 

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