J.K. Rowling Asked What’s Bitcoin and Elon Musk deemed it as “solid”
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  • When Harry Potter novelist J.K Rowling couldn’t fathom a crypto riddle, she asked the help of specialists on social media. 
  • After posting on Twitter that Bitcoin piqued her interest, tons of responses poured in with the effort to make her see the benefits of the digital coin.
  • Tesla CEO Elon Musk joined in and called Bitcoin “solid” compared to other currencies. 

Author J.K Rowling might be an expert in magic and wizardry, however, there is one subject she is still to master which is Bitcoin. Curious to learn what it is, she did what most do and unlike the old-fashioned way of Googling it, she took to Twitter. What she didn’t expect was the entire crypto community on Twitter grab this opportunity to give her a detailed lesson on the digital asset.

It all started when Rowling was having a Twitter conversation with CoinDesk reporter Leigh Cuen and lawyer Marvin Ammori.

Rowling tweeted, “I don’t understand Bitcoin. Please explain it to me.”

The mystical world of Hogwarts meets Bitcoin

Receiving a slew of replies, her curious tweet triggered the crypto experts and many even used terminology from Harry Potter. 

“Wizards still need to trust Gringotts Bank. Bitcoin fixes this,” replied the Bitcoin account.

“Remember how He Who Must Not Be Named placed 7 [horcruxes] in different objects around the world in an attempt to immortalize himself, so that no one, not even the Ministry of Magic could stop him?” blockchain lawyer Jenny Leung tweeted

Researcher working at crypto publication The Block Steven Zheng, channeled his Harry Potter knowledge and compared it to bitcoin saying it gives users the freedom to do as they please.  

“Remember when Dobby was freed by a sock? Bitcoin is that sock,” he tweeted Dogetoshi.

“Imagine if Voldemort couldn’t infiltrate the Ministry of Magic, and Harry couldn’t break into Gringotts bank, and house elves were able to interact with the Wizarding World’s economy with just an internet connection,” added Bitcoin Magazine.

“Imagine digital gold Galleons, of which no Philosopher’s Stone could make more. In fact, there is a limited supply, and the only way to earn new Galleons is to compete in the facilitation of transactions using Galleons already in circulation. All without goblin central banks,” Lolli CTO and co-founder Matt Senter tweeted.

These answers clearly did not convincer her to invest in Bitcoin and in  less than three hours she followed up with I don’t think I trust this.”

“People are now explaining Bitcoin to me, and honestly, it’s blah blah blah collectibles (My Little Pony?) blah blah blah computers (got one of those) blah blah blah crypto (sounds creepy) blah blah blah understand the risk (I don’t, though),” Rowling tweeted.

Ethereum co-founder and Tesla CEO debunk what Bitcoin is

Apart from stakeholders in the crypto sector, well-known entrepreneurs too jumped on the bandwagon to give the simplest explanations for Rowling to understand. 

The most comprehensive answer came from Ethereum co-founder, Vitalik Buterin. He responded tweeting: “It’s a digital currency. There’s 18m units of it. It’s not backed by anything, it’s just valuable because it is, like collectibles. There’s a network of computers (which anyone can join) that maintains a decentralized global excel spreadsheet of how many coins each person has.

People find it interesting because there is no central authority that controls this network, so there’s no single group of people that can just go and issue more units to their friends or manipulate its rules for political reasons.

Basically global digital payments, plus the store of value properties of gold, all with 21st century cryptographic tech to keep the whole thing running safely.”

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Talk about Bitcoin and you can’t leave the infamous Tesla CEO behind. In an attempt to help the literary figure understand the complicated subject, even Elon Musk, who frequently uses Twitter for crypto giveaways, weighed in.

The Tesla boss remarked that he thinks the “massive currency issuance” by governments is making Bitcoin “look solid in comparison,” to fiat money. 

While Musk is bullish about Bitcoin, he followed up his tweet by reiterating that he only owns 0.25 BTC worth $2,345 at press time. He wrote, “I still only own 0.25 Bitcoins btw.” 

Rowling wasn’t going to leave unless she had a slight grasp – especially as she admitted to be drunk. After sarcastically adding that Bitcoin “doesn’t sound at all sinister,” Rowling seemed confident that apparently, she has “far more chance of grasping it drunk.”

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After a few hours of cluelessness, Rowling gave up tweeted, “This started as a joke, but now I’m afraid I’ll never be able to log in to Twitter again without someone getting angry I don’t own Bitcoin. One day you’ll see a wizened old woman in the street, trying to trade a Harry Potter book for a potato. Be kind. She did try to understand.”

One of the only answers she approved of was from a certain ElPolloDiabloX.

“Imagine that something exists which doesn’t actually exist,” read the tweet from ElPolloDiabloX. “That’s Bitcoin.”

“Finally, an explanation that makes sense,” she tweeted in response to the explanation which was essentially a reference from one of her Robert Galbraith novels. 

Clearly, while Bitcoin cannot solve everything like a magic wand, it sure is gaining traction and more economies are looking at using it for international trade.