Free Weather Apps for Android

In these times of global warming, we have become accustomed to capricious weather changes – from flash floods to hurricanes. Fortunately, technology has come in handy to help us foresee these unpredictable events from the comfort of our smartphones.

Are you jumbled with the hundreds of free weather App available on the Google play store? But, Yet not decided which one will be suitable for your use? Let’s not worry my readers; Below, I have compiled a list of the 12 best free weather apps for Android Phone to help you choose one that suits your unique needs.

Best Android Weather Apps for 2020

1. The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel Android App

If you’re looking for weather Apps for Android, you may be persuaded to download The Weather Channel, thinking it’s a TV channel, but it’s not. It is a weather App that gives you the latest weather forecasts from anywhere. The App has useful tools that enable it to provide you with hourly, 15-day, and current weekend forecasts, both in Fahrenheit and Celsius metrics.

The App also has radar maps that can display precipitation, compute its motion, and Approximate its type. It also gives a weather alert to notify you of any severe weather conditions, such as or storms. Moreover, The Weather Channel provides latest updates on important international weather news. You can also take pictures of the weather report and share them with your friends and family via email or social media.  

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2. Weather & Clock Widget

Weather & Clock Widget for Android

Weather & Clock Widget has a descriptive name because the App allows you to set multiple clock widgets. It provides an hourly, 5–day, and 10-day weather forecast displayed with elegant graph charts. It also comes with Android Wear (smartwatches) support with customizable themes. The widgets vary in sizes, and its user-interface (UI) looks clean and decent.

Weather & Clock Widget can forecast humidity, temperature, UV index, pressure, precipitation, and many more. Moreover, it can notify you of any impending adverse weather conditions while also giving a clear view of radar and satellite images.

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3. AccuWeather

AccuWeather Android App

Most of you are familiar with the AccuWeather App because it comes by default in some Android phones. Apart from getting information on the weather, the App gives you a rain tracker and a minute-by-minute weather forecast, enabling you to plan your movements and activities.

By engaging your phone’s GPS signals, AccuWeather can offer detailed information on weather variables, such as extreme temperatures and wind speed. Moreover, it can alert you on any impending severe storms and rains within your location. You can also customize your locations to suit your needs. 

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The App has been around for several years, making it one of the best weather Apps for most android uses. Moreover, with it, you can get all the information on the weather directly from your home screen.

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4. WeatherBug

WeatherBug Android App

The WeatherBug Android App gives the fastest, real-time weather notifications and forecasts of any city. From WeatherBug and NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), the App provides hourly and 10-day forecasts. It has 18 different weather map layers, including wind, lightning, temperature, pressure, humidity, and much more. 

By tuning in its weather cams, you can get a clear picture of the current weather conditions of a particular area while also getting alerts for lightning strikes. Moreover, it can give you breaking news updates on weather issues around the world. And, with WeatherBug, you’ll get weather forecasts from well-known resorts and locations around the globe. 

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5. Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather Android App

Yahoo Weather Android App comes to offer you accurate weather details. It combines background images with hyperlocal data and forecasts from Weather Underground’s grid of stations. The App has an attractive user interface and easy to use. Its layout is perfect for inspecting multiple locations, and you can easily switch places on the platform with ease.

Furthermore, you can use Yahoo Weather to track the weather conditions of any cities and destinations you want. The App also provides a precise 10-day, 5-day, and hourly forecasts. If you are looking for the best weather apps on Android to choose from, then this one makes it to your list because it has a simple design and advanced features.

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6. 1Weather

1Weather Android App

1Weather is among not only the most popular App but also falls among the highly rated android application. It comprises of unique features that guide us towards an accurate weather report.

Its design has a crisp weather background with easy-to-read icons to give you a quick idea of the weather conditions. The App has a dozen widgets, giving users diversity and choice on what they want. The widgets vary in shape and size, but you can adjust them to fit the size of your screen. Moreover, you can also tweak the background’s transparency to suit your preferences.

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1Weather provides hourly and daily forecast reports. It also displays live weather maps and other stats in graphical format on a daily and hourly basis to help users understand the changing weather patterns.

The App provides support for Android Wear and is the first third-party App to offer that feature. It also comes with the option of tracking the weather status of up to 12 different locations of our choice. You can also share the weather status with your friends via social media and email.

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7. MyRadar Weather Radar

MyRadar Weather Radar Android App

MyRadar is an easy-to-use, yet powerful weather app that displays animated weather radar around your current location. It is a fast but compelling App that enables you to get a quick snapshot of the weather on the go, making MyRadar a favorite App over the years.

MyRadar allows for customization and includes maps. It can also send weather alerts, such as Tornadoes, hurricane activity, and storms. You can configure the App to alert you whenever a hurricane or tropical storm develops or is downgraded.

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8. MoreCast

Weather forecast, radar & widgets by Morecast

MoreCast is yet another weather and radar App that provides weather reports and alerts on any upcoming adverse weather conditions. It has several free premium features to give you accurate weather forecasts. 

MoreCast also provides hourly weather reports, maps, and graphs, as well as an overview of wind speed. It has a storm tracker to notify you of any impending storms within your area.

The App has impressive customizable widgets that you can tweak to suit your preferences. I am sure its features like 3D Globe, weather news, and sharing current weather information makes the App pleasing for your use.

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9. Weather Underground

Weather Underground Android App

Weather Underground is a unique App that gets its data from 200,000+ personal weather stations. It also has a crowd reporting feature that allows users to verify the forecasts they receive, while also posting their own. As if that’s not enough, the App has weather cameras that enable you to view the conditions of a particular area. 

The App comes with an intuitive map with an animate radar and a satellite view. Nevertheless, Weather Underground Apps also have push notification features that update you on any adverse weather conditions. Its widget is easy to customize, making the Application user-friendly details. Moreover, it has hourly, daily, and 10-day weather forecasts. 

With community features such as WunderPhotos and Webcams, the App joins the list of the best weather Apps, especially for those who want accurate weather forecasts. 

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10. Weather Live

Weather Live Android App

When it comes to customizable layouts, no App beats Weather Live. It eliminates the arduous task of filtering through much information to find out the weather of a particular area. It accurately displays the status of weather, showing snow, rain, clouds, and many more.

Weather Live also provides hourly and daily forecasts, allowing you to plan your day well. It also sends notifications on weather conditions within your chosen locality. Moreover, it can issue alerts on impending hurricanes, floods, snow, tornadoes, and much more.

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11. Dark Sky

Dark Sky Android App

Dark Sky is famous for its ability to offer hyperlocal weather information. The free version of the App provides instantaneous weather forecasts, giving you a clear picture of when it is going to rain. Also, its global map lets you see where it is raining in the world. Moreover, the App has widgets that show the weather today, hourly prognosis, and a 5-day forecast. For convenience, the App has a do-not-disturb mode, restricting it from waking you up in the middle of the night, if you chose to.

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12. OnePlus Weather

OnePlus Weather Android App

OnePlus offers stunning weather animations, making the weather checking experience enjoyable. The App gets its information from AccuWeather, which lends credence to their data. You can get comprehensive and accurate data on weather variables such as body temperature, humidity, visibility, AQI, wind, UV levels, and pressure.

Note: OnePlus weather Android App is only available for users in the United States and India.

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