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Jai bolsonaro on Blockchain Project

Brazil President in Legal Hot water After He Revoked a Gun-Tracking Blockchain Project

In Brief The Brazilian Army developed a blockchain software which could track guns and other firearms to keep weapons...
SEC Eases Crowdfunding Rules amid Coronavirus

SEC Eases Crowdfunding Rules for Small Businesses due to Coronavirus Crisis

Coronavirus disruption closed many doors for business leaders aiming to secure funding.  SEC introduced temporary measures to existing...
Charities Launch Bitcoin-based Campaigns amid Covid-19 crisis

Amid COVID-19 Crisis Charities Launch Bitcoin-based Campaigns for those Affected

P2P crypto marketplace Paxful introduced crypto as a payment means for donations in a bid to help people...
Malaysia Endorses Blockchain Technology in the Palm Oil

Malaysia Endorses Blockchain Technology in the Palm Oil Sector to Boost Trust

In the last ten years, escalation of demand has caused the production of palm oil rise to unprecedented levels.  Being...
Female Crypto Users

New Report Says Female Crypto Users in Q1 2020 Surged by 43%

2020 began on a muted note with the global pandemic COVID-19 paralyzing almost every industry. As the number of...
Coinbase launches an interactive crypto tutorial

Coinbase Launches an Interactive Crypto Tutorial Accessible via its Mobile App

Amid the current challenging times sparked by the global pandemic COVID-19 when cash flow is stagnant, digital asset exchange...

Alibaba Secures a Patent to Identify Music Thieves Using Blockchain Technology

From healthcare to fintech, Blockchain technology is disrupting every sector as we know it. Thanks to its digital ledgers,...
Andreessen Horowitz funding

Silicon Valley VC Andreessen Horowitz Raises $515M for Second Crypto Project

Venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz has raised $515 million for its second fund dedicated to cryptocurrency projects and blockchain...

Blockchain Bosses Take Steps to Fight Against the COVID-19 Crisis

It’s no secret that business leaders globally are facing an economic downturn due to the pandemic. However, head honchos...

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