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Ripple’s XRP will Improve Transparency

Ripple’s XRP will Improve Transparency for Payment Processes, Says US Agency CFPB

The Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection, US government-backed agency which protects consumers in the financial industry, released a...
J.K. Rowling Asked What’s Bitcoin and Elon Musk deemed it as “solid”

J.K. Rowling Asked What’s Bitcoin, All of Twitter Including Elon Musk Joined in Calling it ‘Solid’

When Harry Potter novelist J.K Rowling couldn’t fathom a crypto riddle, she asked the help of specialists on...
Making Bitrue XRP-centric results in massive success

XRP Made Bitrue a Household Name in the Global Payment Sector, Says CEO

Digital assets exchange Bitrue has witnessed an exponential growth after making its trading platform XRP-centric even after facing...
FalconX Raises $17M From Accel and Coinbase

FalconX Raises $17M From Accel and Coinbase to Develop its Crypto Trading Platform

Founded in 2018 by Raghu Yarlagadda and Prabhakar Reddy, FalconX announced that it has raised a total of $17m until now. ...
Bitcoin critic JP Morgan offers Banking Services

Bitcoin Critic JP Morgan Offers Banking Services for Crypto Clients Coinbase and Gemini

JPMorgan will now be serving crypto exchanges and Coinbase and Gemini are its first clients. CEO Jamie Dimon...
XRP Is No Longer Third-Largest Cryptocurrency

XRP Is No Longer Third-Largest Cryptocurrency As per The Stablecoin Index

Tether (USDT) has leapfrogged Ripple (XRP) to become the 3rd largest digital coin by market capitalization. This is...
Bitcoin Halving Day All Time High Hash Rate

Bitcoin Halving Day Pushes the Hash-Rate to a New All-Time High

Bitcoin hash-rate jumped considerably reaching several record milestones. A hash rate of around 140 EH/s has been recorded...
RAKBank Expands Ripple-Powered ‘RAKMoneyTransfer’ to Bangladesh

RAKBank Offers Ripple-Powered Instant Money Transfer Service to Bangladesh

Bank Asia partners with UAE’s RAKBANK to offer instant money transfer to Bangladesh. Using its latest technology, the...
How Bitcoin Miners in Europe are Preparing for Halving event

How Bitcoin Miners in Europe are Preparing for the Most-Awaited Halving Event

Bitcoin halving is to take place in the next 6 hours which might potentially be the most followed...
Kuwait Bank starts RippleNet Money transfer service to Turkey

Kuwait Bank Kickstarts RippleNet-Powered Direct Money Transfer Service to Turkey

After over a year of officially going live on RippleNet, KFH announced the development of its Ripple-run service...

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