Toronto: Blockchain-Powered Wearable Technology Will Help to Re-Open Rugby Stadium
Image Credit: Pixabay
  • Blockchain Holdings teams up with the Toronto rugby team to help fans enjoy rugby in a stadium safely through its wearable gadget.
  • The wristband will be powered by TRACEsafe’s self-monitoring technology providing real time tracking services for pandemic outbreak control.
  • This wearable technology will boost safety in sport stadiums as well as large venues.

While world economies are crippling at the hands of Coronavirus and all sectors are reporting a slump in revenue, one industry to suffer massively is outdoor sport. After the global pandemic has restricted people to stay indoors, sport stadiums have never been barer. 

However, it might change for the Lamport Stadium in Toronto for the 2020 – 2021 season. In a bid to ensure fans are able to attend the Toronto Wolfpack’s home games in the stadium without endangering themselves and others of Coronavirus, the Toronto Wolfpack Rugby League Football Club – also known Toronto Wolfpack – has signed a contract with Blockchain Holdings subsidiary, TRACESafe.

The deal would mean TRACESafe will deploy its iMSafe wearable technology products which are equipped to track real-time violation of social distancing norms therefore helping authorities enforce restrictions should there be asymptomatic people around. It will facilitate safe training and future games for players, with or without fans.

How will the wristbands work?

These tech wristbands will “act as two-way radios that enable public health functions such as contact-tracing and social-distancing to be applied at large scale events,” Toronto Wolfpack said in a statement

Essentially, the wristbands communicate with each other and data will be seamlessly transmitted in the background to the stadiums. Then, this data can then be used for contact-tracing to ensure the health and safety of all wearing them. 

Given the risk of catching the deadly virus is skyrocketing, any exposure to a confirmed case can be traced and the area with the individuals in contact with those having symptoms can be isolated before they pass it on to others. 

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In simple words, this tech gadget enables real-time monitoring of social-distancing violations so concerned authorities can be alerted before the virus spreads beyond control.

In addition, the gadget will allow location-based services such as “guidance to seating areas, access control and loyalty programs to be personalized and location-aware.” 

Protecting privacy through secure systems 

The firm has even addressed concerns regarding personal information and security, as this band does not connect to mobile phones therefore eliminating any privacy concerns. Additionally, the band even deletes any data in a particular time frame.

“Individuals can be identified by a login ID created by the fans themselves, and any notifications can be sent anonymously to the persons involved without personal information involved,” TRACESafe said.

Building on why the firm chose TRACESafe’s technology, Toronoto Wolfpack said that TRACESafe has “always demonstrated its product quality in supplying to healthcare, government and other corporate customers around the world.”

To add on, Toronto Wolfpack’s CEO Robert Hunter said:

“It is important that as we restart our lives, this technology aids in re-opening stadiums, avoiding tracking apps loaded onto our mobile phones.”

Echoing a similar sentiment, Blockchain Holdings said that, in particular, wearable technology will indeed be instrumental for safe reopening of economies post the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Toronto Wolfpack will now be submitting its re-opening strategies to the City of Toronto Department of Parks, Forestry & Recreation for approval. 

In fact, the Toronto Wolfpack is hardly alone. TRACESafe even bagged orders for its contact monitoring technology from the Hong Kong Office of Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO).

Looking at this new innovation, we’re sure to say that technology is the way that the world can safely get back to work.