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TechMeru is a fast-growing digital publication that covers emerging technology trends. Our focus is on targeting audiences who strive to learn about and have a keen interest in the latest innovations, tech-enabled solutions, online tools, financial markets, startups, and thought-leadership stories.

If you are developing innovative solutions for the future, we can help you to reach a bigger audience through our platform. We are interested in working with entrepreneurs and startups involved in technological disruption. 

At TechMeru, we offer premium content-led advertising solutions that help businesses reach the right audience. Currently, we are open to collaborate on the following: 

  1. Press-Release submission: Does your company have announcements which you would like the sector to know about? If yes, we can disseminate your press release on our platform as well as our social media. 
  2. Promoted content: We can suggest the best content strategies, writing tips, and consumer-targeted storylines tailored for your brand. 
  3. Thought-leadership Interviews: Our journalists can interview your employees for insights on a subject in the tech industry.
  4. Banner Ads, Customized solutions and more. 

To learn in detail about our charges, placements and offerings, feel free to write to us at 

For general inquiries, visit our contact us page.