About Us

TechMeru is an online publication that delivers authentic news stories, Op-Ed, and feature articles covering emerging technologies and disruptive innovations in various sectors from internet businesses and fintech to mobile apps and SaaS. We aim to educate the global audience by constantly updating our readers through fresh perspectives in the world of technology entailing AI, privacy, blockchain, automotive, and more.

We are on the mission to help people understand futuristic innovations. Our tagline ‘Fresh Updates on Technology Trends and Future’ justifies the diversity of the content we offer.

Our content is managed by a team of qualified journalists and copywriters who are passionate about tech and its future. Through interactive content, our reporters aim to deliver quality journalism that helps the movers and shakers in the tech ecosystem grow their business. We are open to learning about agile developments, big news, and next-gen innovations.

Company Information

TechMeru operates under its parent company RiseSky Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (Registered under Companies Act, 2013, Government of India, Ministry of Corporate Affairs).  Registration Number 312369

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